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Norland Software started out by creating educational games and DOS utilities for PC-compatible computers. These games and utilities are now available for free. System requirements: 80-column display (monochrome or color), one disk drive, and 128K of memory.

Try them all! Just click on the highlighted names to see a description, then download the program (in a ZIPed format). All files are 110K or smaller.


There is a great piece of software called DOSBox that will let you play pretty much any old DOS game on a modern computer. Here's the link:

There are a lot of potential ways to install DOSBox (especially if you have a number of different DOS programs you want to use), but a quick way to use it with a game like Sleuth would be:

1) Download and install DOSBox
2) Start DOSBox
3) At the Z: prompt, type "mount c: c:\sleuth" (assuming that c:\sleuth is where you have sleuth stored)
4) type "c:" (you should now be in your Sleuth subdirectory)
5) Type “Sleuth” to start the game!

P.S. All of the games still reference old addresses. You can contact Eric Miller, the author of the games, at


Sleuth is an interactive murder mystery. As a game of Sleuth begins, a murder has just been committed. It is your job to explore the house (which is displayed on the screen), to question the houseguests for their alibis, and to locate both the murder weapon and the scene of the murder. The challenge of Sleuth is to solve the crime, gather all of the suspects together, and accuse the guilty party before the killer becomes suspicious of your investigation and eliminates you from the game. Each game of Sleuth is different from the last, so you must always explore the house fully before you can solve the murder. Also, to make things more interesting, you can choose a `Personalized' option which allows you to populate the house with your friends and acquaintances.

Click here to download Sleuth

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Hangman for the Superintelligent. The traditional Hangman game with a few twists. This game provides four levels of play:

Hangman for the Superintelligent is stocked with over 1000 words and phrases selected to provide a challenge for accomplished players. This game is definitely not for children.

Click here to download Hangman for the Superintelligent

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This version of Hangman is identical to Hangman for the Superintelligent except that the words are somewhat less esoteric and the phrases are somewhat more familiar. This game provides four levels of play:

Click here to download Classic Hangman

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FOREIGN LANGUAGE HANGMAN (Available in Spanish or French)

This version of Hangman allows you to practice your knowledge of a foreign language. Words and phrases can be presented either in English or in foreign translation (with clues provided in the

opposite language). Currently available with Spanish and French vocabularies. Be sure to specify the language desired when ordering.

Click here to download Spanish Language Hangman

Click here to download French Language Hangman

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CUSTOMIZED HANGMAN (English or Foreign Language)

You can create your own customized version of Hangman by using this utility program which allows you to enter your own words and phrases for use by the Hangman program. Please specify whether you need the utility program for English Language Hangman (Hangman for the Superintelligent; Basic Hangman) or the utility program for Foreign Language Hangman (French Hangman; Spanish Hangman).

Click here to download Customized Hangman for English Language

Click here to download Customized Hangman for Foreign Languages

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For more information, contact Eric Miller at