CALCAP California Computerized Assessment Package

The CALCAP Reaction Time program is one of the most comprehensive tools available for assessing reaction times, speed of information processing, rapid visual scanning, form discrimination, brief memory and divided attention.

The CALCAP currently ships with two fully normed and validated test batteries -- a standard version that administers and scores ten tasks in less than 25 minutes, and an abbreviated version that presents four tasks in under 10 minutes.

Advantages of the CALCAP include:

  • Handles all task administration and scoring using a standard Windows or MS-DOS computer -- no additional equipment is needed.
  • Tasks are available in English, Spanish, Norwegian and Danish.
  • Requires no special training to operate the program or score the tasks.
  • Instantly displays exam results and records all information to disk for later data analyses.
  • Age- and education-specific normative data are available from over 1000 subjects, ages 17 to 90. Norms also are available for 3rd, 5th and 6th graders.
  • Well-known psychometric properties, including internal consistency reliability, test-retest reliability and validity.
  • Designed for longitudinal studies -- includes normative data for up to 6 repeat testings.
  • Ideally suited for tracking recovery from medical illness, progression of CNS disease, and drug treatment effects.
  • No per use charges -- one price gives you unlimited evaluations.


The CALCAP can be used as a brief screening battery when more time- and labor-intensive neuropsychological testing is impractical or unavailable. The CALCAP procedures are a cost-efficient way of providing standardized cognitive assessments for clinical practice, clinical trials, and for basic research.

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